New Road Safety Statement from the Department for Transport has some significant changes for motorcyclists

The excerpt below is taken from the DfT's Road Safety Statement 2019. The changes are subject to parliamentary time, which given the Brexit situation could be some time. Even so they mark some significant changes and will have an impact on new riders.

"Better Training
Good training is one of the key elements to safe motorcycle riding. Following responses from an earlier public consultation, and the subsequent response, DVSA will develop a package of measures, subject to Parliamentary time, to improve the training regime. These include: 
• strengthened standards of training for motorcycle instructors and how they are quality assured - this means quality assuring all approved motorcycle training courses (including CBT, DAS and any future Progressive Access Training courses);
• updating the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) syllabus including a new requirement for a theory test; • restricting learner riders to automatic motorcycles only, if that is what was used during CBT - and how this information may be recorded;
• consulting on how riders with an automatic only CBT could upgrade their entitlement;  
• introducing a system for motorcycle training schools to be given recognition for consistently high standards - this will develop criteria for earned recognition with the training industry; and
• developing the functionality of the Find Your Nearest service on Gov.UK.
The DVSA will also improve training through developing a framework/syllabus to encourage riders who complete CBT but do not go on to take full test training, to undertake further training aligning with the Wheels to Work scheme and Riding for Better Business initiatives."