Motorcycle Instructor Training Course – 5 (+2) days  £995.00

Course duration: 5 (+2) days

The Lightning Motorcycle Training Instructor Training course (CBT Supervisory Grade) is designed to give practical training skills and knowledge to enable you to pass the DVSA’s two-day CBT Supervisory Grade assessment and be able to apply for work as a Motorcycle Instructor running CBT courses and providing training to new instructors.


  • 5 day course, plus 2 days of consolidation with “live” students (one observed the other practical)
  • Maximum 3:1 trainee to instructor ratio
  • All courses run by our experienced training team
  • Training materials, DVSA’s Learning to Ride, and Highway Code book
  • Teaching aids such as diagrams and lesson cards
  • Use of 125cc motorbike and fuel during course exercises
  • Use of radio equipment and instructor microphone
  • Unique easy to learn ‘toolbox’ approach
  • On-site/off road training carried out at one of our fully equipped training sites
  • Experienced trainers use of local knowledge to conduct safe road-based lessons
  • Retraining, if required, is offered on a daily basis at a reduced rate

The course content will be based around a CBT as well as giving you all the teaching methods, tools and skills needed to run the course to the DVSA’s high standards. The CBT structure is as follows and each element is made up of a number of lessons:

  • Element A – Introduction and the aims of the CBT course
  • Element B – Introduction to the motorcycle
  • Element C – Practical ‘On Site’ training
  • Element D – Pre-‘Road Ride’ briefing
  • Element E – Practical ‘On Road’ training

The following core areas will also be covered;

  • Safety considerations
  • Teaching techniques and tools
  • Lesson presentation, planning and structure
  • Fault finding and remedial advice
  • Understanding lesson objectives and expected outcomes
  • Overcoming limitations
  • Communication and feedback delivery skills
  • Client centred learning techniques
  • Differential learning techniques
  • Group control
  • Familiarisation with the CBT course content
  • DVSA CBT Assessment preparation and pitfalls
  • On site/off road practical teaching skills
  • Methods of coaching via radio communication
  • Practical on road training and student control using radio communication
  • Instructor assessment skills and remedial action to be given
  • Mock ‘CBT Assessment’ assessment

Upon successful completion of this course candidates will be ready to take the DVSA’s two-day assessment and apply for work as a Motorcycle Instructor and “down-train” new instructors. Following acceptance onto this Instructor Training Course and before it commences please complete the application for the DVSA’s CBT Supervisory Grade assessment  to ensure that you can receive a date as soon as possible after your training. We can provide help completing the application should you have any questions about the process or your eligibility:

The eligibility criteria for becoming a Motorcycle Instructor in the UK you must:

  • Be aged 21 or over
  • Hold a current full Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence (A or A2)
  • Have held full motorcycle entitlement for at least 3 years – this doesn’t include automatic or category A1 licences but can include an aggregate of A2 and A
  • Be a ‘fit and proper’ person ( criminal convictions and a maximum of 5 points on your driving licence)

For any questions about any aspect of our Motorcycle Instructor Training Course please contact our training team at the email following address: