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Restriction Certificate

Explanation of why you might need a Restriction Certificate

Some motorcycles suitable for the A2 Restricted Licence need to have a Restriction Certificate if they are to be eligible for the Module 1 and 2 motorcycle tests. Your motorcycle will need to be at least 245cc or above and between 20 – 35kw (30 – 47bhp) to be suitable for test. If your motorcycle is more than 35kw (47bhp) as standard you can use it as long as you have a Restriction Certificate.

The Restriction Certificate will need to be presented to the examiner at the time of the test. The Restriction Certificate should have been given to you at the time of purchasing the bike or when the restriction was fitted, but is often over looked. An official dealer of your make of motorcycle should be able to provide you with one.


1/. Why do I need a Restriction Certificate? It proves to the examiner that your own motorcycle produces the correct amount of power, and is therefore legal for the test. Some motorcycles are easily de-restricted, but in doing so invalidate the licence of the rider.

2/. How do I know if my motorcycle needs one? It may not, but if it is in the least bit sporty it is worth either calling us or contacting the DVSA (0300 200 1122). Generally the DVSA will go on what the manufacturer claims is the correct output. The DVSA will also accept a valid Restriction Certificate.

3/. What happens if I don’t show the examiner a Restriction Certificate if they ask for one? You will be turned away and lose your test fee sad .

4/. Do I need one for CBT? Not as such, however, if we do not think your motorcycle is road legal then we reserve the right not to train you. One or two motorcycles, such as an Aprilia RS125 (if any still exist), need to be restricted.

5/. Is a Dynojet print-out acceptable? No, the DVSA won’t accept anything other than an approved Restriction Certificate fitted by a dealer.