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Theory Test

Explanation of the Motorcycle Theory Test

The Theory Test was introduced in 1997 and upgraded in 2002 to include the Hazard Perception. In about 2013 the number of questions was increased from 35 to 50. The Theory Test takes about an hour to complete and is held at DVSA Theory Test Centre’s from Monday to Saturday. To take a Module 1 or 2 motorcycle test you must first have taken a Theory Test for motorcycles. A pass certificate lasts for 2 years.

The Theory Test is made up of 50 multiple choice and 14 Hazard Perception clips. You must get 44 of the questions right and score over 60% on the Hazard Perception to pass. The Hazard Perception has one hazard per clip, with one clip having two hazards.


1/. I took a Theory Test when I did my car test, do I need to do it again?

Yes, this is the Chancellor’s way of printing money as the car Theory Test and motorcycle Theory Test are almost the same.

2/. I hold a full car licence – are you sure that I need to do the Theory Test?

Yes. Prior to 2001 you would have been exempt, but the law was changed and now everyone must do it.

3/. I took my Restricted (A1 or A2) motorcycle test and now I want to take a Direct Access Scheme (DAS) test, will I have to do it again?

Possibly – if you have waited two years since taking your Restricted Licence you don’t need to have a valid Theory Test (this is Progressive Access), but if it is less than two years since taking your test and you’re now 24 years old then you will need a valid motorcycle Theory Test (this is Accelerated Access).

4/. Where do they get the questions from?

The questions come almost word for word from DVSA related sources such as the Highway Code and The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Ride.

5/. How do I practise for the Theory Test?

We recommend a DVD-ROM, particularly the ones published by Focus. The official DVSA ones are full of government guff about how wonderful the DVSA is, and how much the Theory Test has improved everyone’s driving – not withstanding all the evidence to the contrary.

6/. When I practised the Theory Test all the Hazard Perception clips were filmed from a car, but I am doing a motorcycle Theory Test – is this correct?

Yes, sad to say this is correct.

7/. I would like to take my Theory Test in a foreign language – is this possible?

Since 7th April 2014 the Theory Test must be done in English (without an interpreter).

8/. What do I need to take to the Theory Test?

You must take your UK driving licence (plus photo ID if it is an old paper style licence) and glasses or contact lenses if you wear them for reading.

9/. What happens if I’m late?

The same as if you forget your licence; you lose your Theory Test fee.

10/. I’ve lost my Theory Test pass certificate, can I get a duplicate?

Yes, you can get the information here: