Explanation of your Motorcycle Theory Test

The Theory Test takes about an hour to complete, and you need to have passed it in order to be able to take your Motorcycle Test.  Tests are held at DVSA Theory Test Centre’s from Monday to Saturday.

The Theory Test is made up of 50 multiple choice and 14 Hazard Perception clips. You must get at least 44 of the questions right and score over 60% on the Hazard Perception to pass. The Hazard Perception has one hazard per clip, with one clip having two hazards.  The questions come almost word for word from DVSA related sources such as the Highway Code and The DVSA’s Motorcycling Manual – The Essential Skills.

If you have waited two years since taking your Restricted Licence (A1 or A2) you don’t need to have a valid Theory Test (this is Progressive Access), but if it is less than two years since taking your test and you’re now 24 years old then you will need a valid motorcycle Theory Test.

Things to bring with or consider: