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Site Map

Site map for Lightning Motorcycle Training

About Us Information about Lightning Motorcycle Training

Accelerated Access Licence progression for under 24’s

Advanced Training Taking your motorcycling to the next level post-test

Back to Biking Returning to motorcycling after a long break

Bad Weather What we will do if the weather is poor

Bends Training help for dealing with bends

CBT About the Compulsory Basic Training Course

CBT Course Learning Material Training help for the CBT course

CBT Experienced (Renewal) About the CBT renewal course

CBT Plus Session A training session for people who have recently completed their CBT

Company History An overview of Lightning Motorcycle Training

Compulsory Basic Training A more detailed description of the CBT course

Contact Us Telephone number, email and post details of how to get hold of us

Courses A breakdown of our courses

Crossroads Training help for dealing with crossroads

Customer Service Pledge What we promise to deliver

Direct Access Courses Information about the DAS courses we offer

Directions How to find us

Dual Carriageways Extra lessons for dealing with dual-carriageways

Enhanced Rider Scheme Post-test training for newly qualified riders

ERS Course Learning Material Training aids for the ERS qualification

Enquiry Form Send us your questions and queries

Extra Lessons All sorts of extra information to help you through your test

Following and Separation Distances Extra lessons for dealing with following distances

Forward Planning Training information about safe riding

FAQ’s Your frequently asked questions and useful answers

Gift Vouchers Make more safer motorcyclists

Glossary of Terms Some jargon explained

How to Fail Your CBT All you need to know about taking your CBT

Important Information Our terms and conditions and things you need to know before coming for a course – please read!

Instructor Training Course Join the world of teaching others to learn to ride a motorcycle

Job Vacancies Join the team – see if we’re recruiting

Junctions How to negotiate junctions safely

Light Motorcycle Licence Information about the Light A1 Motorcycle Licence courses we run

Links A page with useful links to other motorcycle related sites

Meet the Staff The good folk that will be teaching you to ride a motorcycle safely

Mod 1 Training Session Information about our Module 1 training session

Mod 2 Training Session Skills Information about our Module 2 training session 

Mod 2 Test Session and Module 2 Test Information about our Mod 2 Training session and Module 2 Test

Module 1 Motorcycle Test Information about the Module 1 motorcycle test

Module 2 Motorcycle Test Information about the Module 2 motorcycle test (the final hurdle)

Motorcycle Safety Questions Information about the Show Me/Tell Me questions

Motorcycle Theory Test Information about the Motorcycle Theory Test

Observation Principals and Practice Information about observations and lifesavers

One-Way Streets Training guide to dealing with One-Way Streets

Our Courses More Information Links page to the individual courses we run

Personal Tuition Information about 1 to 1 training

Positioning Extra lessons about riding in the correct position

Post Test Training Taking your riding to the next level

Progressive Access Information about gaining a licence through the Progressive Access scheme

Restricted Licence Courses Information about the Restricted A2 Licence courses we run

Reviews The nice things that people have had to say about us

Roadrider Post-CBT 125cc course

Roundabout Lifesavers Training information about observations and lifesavers on roundabouts

Roundabout Rules Information about how to deal with a roundabout safely

Roundabouts How to negotiate roundabouts safely

Running Late Please don’t be late we want to train you

Social Meeting like minded souls

Speed Limits Training information about spotting speed limits

Successful Students Our finished product

Supervisory Grade Part of the instructor qualification process (now called Chadderton/Gillingham)

Taking Your Module 1 Test Explained Detailed information about what takes place during the Module 1 Test

Taking Your Module 2 Test Explained Detailed information about what takes place during the Module 1 Test

The Law What you need to know legally about riding a motorcycle

Track Days Some write ups of track events that we, and our ex-students, have attended

Traffic Signals Training information about how to deal with traffic signals

Training Information Link page to find out more information about learning to ride a motorcycle

Your Booking Login to get a reminder of dates and money owed for the courses you’ve booked