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Course Guide for Lightning Motorcycle Training

To find out what type of course you need and how much it will cost please use the following Step-by-Step Guide. This will allow you to check dates and book complete courses online.

Generally, our courses (Expert, Experienced, Intermediate & Novice) are made up of a combination of some of the following components:

Full Licence (A1 Light Motorcycle Licence, A2 Restricted Licence and A Direct Access Scheme) individual components:

Introductory Lesson 50/125/500/600cc (45 minutes) (redeemable against the cost of any course) £29.00 – £34.00
CBT (Novice) 125cc (8 hours) £155.00 – £179.00
CBT – Experienced (Renewal) (renewing CBT) (min 6 hours) £130.00 – £154.00
CBT Plus Session (3.5 hours) £135 – £149.00
Theory Test (1 hour) £35.00
Road Rider Session 125cc (3.5 hours) £135.00 – £149.00
Mod 1 Training Session 400/600cc (3.5 hours) £135.00 – £149.00
Mod 1 Test Session & Module 1 Motorcycle Test 400/600cc (3.5 hours) £150.50 – £164.50
Mod 2 Training Session 400/600cc (3.5 hours) £135.00 – £149.00
Mod 2 Test Session & Module 2 Motorcycle Test 400/600cc (3.5 hours) £210.00 – £224.00
Enhanced Rider Scheme Session (8 hours) £175.00 – £199.00
Back to Biking Session (3.5 hours) £135.00 – £149.00
Personal Tuition (1 hour) £89.00 – £94.00
Geared Conversion (2 hours) £89.00 – £99.00

Full Licence Courses (A1, A2 & DAS) post Theory Test (*Novice course includes CBT)

Upgrade Course                   £495.50 – £537.50
Expert Course                      £630.50 – £686.50
Experienced Course            £765.50 – £835.50
Intermediate Course            £900.50 – £984.50
Novice Course*                    £1,055.50 – £1,163.50

Full Licence Courses (A1, A2 & DAS) with Theory Test and CBT (*Upgrade & Expert Courses do not include CBT)

Upgrade Course*                 £530.50 – £572.50
Expert Course*                     £665.50 – £721.50
Experienced Course            £795.50 – £875.50
Intermediate Course            £955.50 – £1,049.50
Novice Course                      £1,090.50 – £1,198.50


Overnight Bike Hire               £40.00
Day Time Bike Hire                £80.00
CBT “comeback”                   £111.00 – £135.00

All the prices quoted include show price for own bike first then using our motorcycle/scooter/moped hire, fuel, insurance, safety helmet, gloves, motorcycle jacket and waterproofs (e.g. £155.00 – £179.00, unless otherwise stated). The cost also includes, where applicable, the CBT, Theory Test and Motorcycle Test (Module 1 and 2). In the event you do not pass your Module 1 Test you can retake one during your next session at a cost of £15.50 (this may require the date to be moved), if you have no further sessions booked you will need to pay £15.50 plus the cost of the session. If you do not pass your Module 2 Test you will need to pay £75 plus the cost of another session. In the case of the CBT if you don’t complete the course in one day all further training is charged at £135.00 per day including motorcycle/scooter/moped hire.

Important notes:

Definition of experience.

NONE (NOVICE) – total novice who has never been on a motorcycle, or only for a few minutes, or just an Introductory Lesson.
MINIMAL (INTERMEDIATE) – someone who has ridden on holiday, or only automatics, or has only done the CBT and nothing else; we would expect this person to be able to pull away, stop, start and change gear as a minimum.
SOME (EXPERIENCED) –  this is someone who has either done their CBT on a geared motorcycle and ridden regularly for six months or more, or has ridden off-road on scramblers for a long time.
LOTS (EXPERT) – (has valid CBT), this is someone who has ridden larger motorcycles before, either moto-cross or on a foreign licence. In other words, quite comfortable getting onto a larger motorcycle.

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