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The Law

The Law and Motorcycling

The Law and Motorcycling is wonderfully complicated, and a brief look at our History lesson will show that the powers that be only very briefly stop mucking about with it. It doesn’t help that some of the old laws get confused with the new ones, and that CBT is often referred to (mistakenly) as a test.

Needless to say if you get it wrong then the full weight of the law descends on your head with fines, imprisonment, bans, beatings and lines written out 100 times saying “I must learn the law related to riding a motorcycle…”.

As an extra piece of confusion DVLA decided to add what appears to be a full motorcycle licence to everyone’s full car licence, and then added a mystery 79(3) (or sometimes 79(tri)). Sadly this doesn’t mean you have a motorcycle licence, it means you can ride a car based trike like a Morgan 3-wheeler.

Not a motorcycle licence

Hopefully the articles below will make the law clearer for you: