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Check list of what to bring and wear for motorcycle training

What do I need to bring? Don’t leave home without reading this Check List (what to bring and wear)

You must be able to read a number plate at 20m

  • Check your eyesight and bring glasses or contact lenses if you wear them

You must wear appropriate clothing

  • Jeans – with no rips or wear
  • Boots – that cover the ankles (but not converse or very light material)
  • Warm clothes – lots of layers

You must bring your original documents (no pictures on a phone are acceptable)

  • Your UK full or provisional driving licence
  • Your Theory Certificate, CBT certificate and Module 1 certificate (for Full Licence training)

You must make sure that you are comfortable

  • Bring food and drink
  • Bring medicines (such as hay fever or diabetes) if you need them
  • A bag to carry everything
  • Let us know seven days in advance of any medical, dietary, religious, or other issues you may have

You must be able to communicate with us

  • Bring your mobile phone
  • Bring your mobile phone charger
  • Be able to speak and understand English

You must be able to fit the equipment we provide

  • For jackets, helmets, and gloves we have XS – XXL
  • If you don’t fit these sizes you must bring your own motorcycle jacket, helmet, and gloves

You must be on time

  • Leave earlier than you need
  • At the latest you must arrive 15 minutes before the start of your course
  • Allow time for parking, walking to our centres, or a comfort break
  • Be able to stay for the entire duration of the course
  • Check carefully where we are located and not rely on Google maps

You must know

  • The Highway Code
  • The Show Me/Tell Me questions (Full Licence courses)
  • Any course content or prior learning

You must be legal

  • If you use your own bike it must be road worthy, MoT’d, taxed, and insured
  • Inform us of any convictions or penalty points on your driving licence
  • Have signed our Terms and Conditions and any disclaimers