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Accelarated Access

Accelerated Access has existed since 1997 and has had only a limited take up

Essentially this is where a person has taken an A2 Restricted Licence and instead of waiting for 2 years before retaking their test to get a full licence (Direct Access Scheme) they become old enough to take the Direct Access Scheme earlier. Thus instead of waiting for two years they retake the test in less time and gain a full licence.

In principal this effects two types of people; those that took their test at 22 or 23 who instead of waiting for 2 years take their test again as soon as they turn 24, or those that are over 24 but decided to take their first test on an A2 Restricted Licence motorcycle – these people may have done this because initially they were put off by the size of the Direct Access Scheme motorcycles (600cc plus). You can also do this between the A1 and A2 licence; but as practically no one does the A1 licence this is even rarer.

However, there is a sting in the tail. Under EU legislation anyone taking the Accelerated Access instead of the Progressive Access must have a valid Motorcycle Theory Test certificate.


1/. Just to be clear; if I took a Theory Test more than 3 years ago and waited to do the Progressive Access scheme I don’t need a Theory Test certificate whereas if I took the Theory Test just over 2 years ago and do the Accelerated Access then I do need one?


2/. Isn’t that a bit stupid?

Yes, but in fairness to our government and the DVSA these are the rules that were decided by the EU, and if the DVSA are to be believed then no one but the UK thought this was a stupid idea. However, it is doubtful anyone in the UK wept too hard as it does mean you have to pay for another Theory Test which means more money for Public Sector pay etc.

3/. So why on earth would I bother?

Well you won’t. Over the years we have seen a handful every year and mostly it has been because people took their first test on an automatic and then later decided they would like a geared motorcycle.

4/. What you’re saying is wait for 2 years and take the next test under the Progressive Access scheme?

Well yes and no. If your Theory Test certificate is still valid then there is no point in waiting, whereas if it has expired then it is an extra expense in time and money to re-take the Theory Test unless you have very compelling reasons (like deciding to do Track Days or a European Tour where a larger more powerful motorcycle is more practical).

5/. Does it involve the same test and do I also need a CBT certificate?

It does involve exactly the same test except on a 600cc motorcycle, but you won’t need a CBT certificate (thanks to some common sense on behalf of the DVSA).

6/. What happens if I go from A1 straight to DAS?

Even if you have waited for 2 years you will have to re-take the Motorcycle Theory Test.