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About Us

Mission Statement

Lightning Motorcycle Training has two primary concerns; road safety and customer satisfaction. We feel that it is of paramount importance that people wishing to ride a motorcycle or moped should be properly trained and prepared. We aim to provide training that will help lower accident statistics for those using PTW’s (Powered Two-Wheeler). To facilitate this, we aim to provide an environment where our customers feel welcome and appreciated. They should be treated courteously and sympathetically, and provided with training that both suits their individual needs and includes a heavy focus on empathy & understanding.

In return we ask only of our customers that the information they provide about their aims and previous experience is both truthful and accurate. We will endeavour to ensure that every effort is made to minimise cost, but at the same time there is no short cut to becoming a safe rider. Saving money is not a substitute for road safety.

Finally, Lightning Motorcycle Training is an equal opportunities employer and trainer. We have no prejudices regarding gender, race or creed. We believe that riding a motorcycle should transcend divisions like racism, sexism or bigotry in any of its forms. It is a privilege to meet and teach people from as many different backgrounds as possible – it broadens our horizons just as we hope riding motorcycles will broaden yours.