Motorcycles and mopeds have a part to play in Social Distancing

With people being encouraged to go back to work but discouraged from using public transport now is the right time to get on two wheels. With more people taking to their cars as they return to work the road networks will likely become congested once more. Getting a motorcycle or moped is cheap and effective; not only do they have a fuel consumption that most cars can only dream about, but also their congestion beating abilities and ease of parking (further than six feet from the curb belongs to property) make them super efficient.

To get on two wheels you need to be at least 16, have a full UK or provisional driving licence, spend a day doing a CBT course, buy a motorcycle/moped, insure and tax it (£20), add L-plates, and finally buy helmet, jacket & trousers, gloves, boots and waterproofs - and then never look back smiley

You will save money and time in the long run, reduce your carbon foot-print and avoid catching or spreading Covid-19.