What does it mean for learning to ride a motorcycle?

If the last three years have taught us anything it is that in politics things are hard to predict and when it comes to government things take forever.

But there are two likely outcomes:

1/. Brexit doesn’t happen – in which case nothing changes, and if it does it will be inline with EU law. Most recently the EU has started to focus on instructor qualification as the most important next step. The only likely outcome of this is that any costs will be passed onto students/customers, but the process of getting a licence will remain largely the same.

2/. Brexit does happen – in which case in the short (and probably medium) term nothing will change as the government will have swathes of legislation to get through and motorcycle training is a very long way down the list of things to do. Even then it is unlikely that much will change, unless we’re so strapped for cash that the government decides to amend the Module 1 test to reduce the cost burden of renting 4 acre MPTC’s (Multi-Purpose Test Centres – which in some cases means just motorcycle tests and others cars & motorcycles. Interesting choice of the word Multi). Nevertheless, post-Brexit may be a less comfortable place for EU citizens currently resident in the UK. Nothing is certain, but it would seem very unlikely that the current arrangement of being able to swap a UK licence for an EU one (and visa versa) would be scrapped. So, if you are an EU citizen this might be a good time to consider getting a motorcycle licence, particularly if your country of birth has an overly stringent/expensive test.

In either case once the DVSA sees clear air they will push ahead with their planned reforms to the CBT, which may well include having to do a Theory Test before taking the CBT and the certificate only lasting a year.

Whatever happens one of the principals of UK law is that changes are not (or very rarely) retrospective; in other words any future changes will not have an impact on those that currently hold a licence.

No firm plans for Christmas? Might be a good time to get a motorcycle licence!