We've had the following note in our email box from an ex-student...

"With many social venues, like our cafes, pubs, restaurants and cinemas now either out of bounds or closed for the foreseeable future and large social gatherings also out of bounds, we all need to find something different to do with our time, including finding new ways to interact with others.

This week, like for many of you, my normal social diary ground to a halt, where I would normally have met friends a couple of times during the week and gone for a Friday night drink or two, I simply stayed at home.

Then it occurred to me, why not go for a ride? The perfect solo activity! Let off some steam and get into the countryside for a bit. It would make a change from walking round the park. Then I thought, why not extend the invite for to a friend or two, after all we would be riding our own bikes and separated by more than a few feet, not withstanding wearing helmets and visors.

Suddenly everything felt a bit more upbeat. My mate Dave suggested we take a flask and find a nice spot to have a coffee also, albeit keeping a bit of a distance and going without the usual handshake or hug.  

At the time of writing this I am about to go and check my tyres and make a flask of strong coffee – I will have to let you know how it goes, it will be a lot of fun I expect, so apologies if I rush off…."

Motorcycling is a robust activity under the current public health restrictions, it follows that learning to ride can be safe and fun also, here's a list of some of the facts:

  • Training is conducted in small groups, at maximum number of students limited to 2 to 4 per instructor. On a quiet day you may even find you can learn 1:1.
  • The vast majority of the course will be conducted outside in large open spaces.
  • 99% of all motorcycle training is conducted at a safe distance and for most of it the instructor and other students will be a couple of meters apart.
  • We have introduced new measures to increase safety, such as keeping groups apart and offering surgical gloves and wipes to use on equipment.
  • In addition, you will be wearing a helmet and protective clothing (you can borrow ours, bringing your own, even if it is fairly cost-effective gear it is currently highly recommended)
  • Any student or instructor with symptoms of fever or persistent cough will be asked to stay at home!
  • The roads are particularly quite at the moment so it’s a great time to either return to biking or learn for the first time.
  • In the event you become unwell before your training session due to Coronavirus, we have a robust booking method to ensure you can use your credit another time.

​We look forward to hearing from you - enquiries@lightningpass.com