The DVSA have published their guidelines for testing post lockdown

The following is the guidance given for testing:

  • Only arrive at the test centre 5 minutes before the test
  • Ideally bring your own 3.5mm jack ear piece (in practice you can use the one provided by us if you don't have your own)
  • Wear a face covering; this can be a snood, neck tube, bandana or surgical mask. You will briefly have to remove it for ID purposes
  • The test centre toilets are not open to the public
  • The meet and greet will be done outside the test centre building in the car park
  • If you start coughing continously during the test it will be terminated, or if it is obvious you have a temperature
  • DVSA will use data collected from test to contact you through the NHS Track and Trace in the event the examiner becomes ill