Please read this if you have booked training with us and it has either been cancelled or is to be arranged

As someone who has booked a full licence with Lightning Motorcycle Training this notice is to update you with what we know so far.

On Monday 15th June we received an email from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) outlining the progress on re-opening the practical test centres.

In brief, the DVSA outlined their slow and steady approach, and the current work that they are doing:

  • Cleaning the test centres (for example the water supplies that may have become stagnant)
  • Establishing which examiners can come back to work, and those that are vulnerable
  • Preparing PPE for examiners to ensure that there won’t be a second wave of infection
  • Prioritizing rescheduling tests for those that were cancelled at the start of the lockdown

At Lightning we are ready and prepared for providing the tests and additional training by having both the money and staff waiting. We have also temporarily altered our contract of employment to ensure we have plenty of staff availability for peak days (for example weekends and test days).

When the test centres re-open we will be taking the following steps:

  • Restricting the sale of tests to new customers and prioritising on those that are currently on hold
  • We have a list with the order in which people were either cancelled or have recently booked
  • Each test will be offered to people on the list; if someone is unable to take the test offered their place will remain on the list, but the test will then be offered to the next person down
  • Any training that was cancelled will be honoured and booked with the tests
  • Any training that has been booked to be arranged will be linked with the tests

For everyone waiting there are some things to consider during the remainder of this restricted period:

  • DVSA only tests Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)
  • The times of the tests tend to be between 8am to 3pm
  • We will need to take what is offered and that might include using slightly different test centres to normal
  • Any training cancelled will be re-booked exactly as originally intended
  • Any training that is to be arranged will be booked as intended

On this last point most people will have Mod Skills Day 3, Module 1 Test, 1 hour Warm Up and Module 2 left to take. All these courses will have to be on normal working days (Monday to Friday) as the Module 1 Test will happen during the Mod Skills Day 3 of training, and the Warm Up immediately precedes the Module 2 test.

This does have some implications, as it will be difficult to get much extra Module 1 practice on Mod Skills Day 3 as the tests are likely to be quite early in the day (DVSA normally do Module 1 tests in the morning and Module 2 tests in the afternoon). You will have received a Student Record Card during the training you have done with us. If the advice is that you need more practice for the Module 1 Test you need to bear this in mind and consider doing extra training during the remaining closed period. If you need extra Module 2 Test practice (road based) then you will be getting this on Mod Skills Day 3, but again listen to the advice of the instructor – did they think you will need more than 1 day?

Experience says that people do not forget how to ride a motorcycle even if there is gap of six months or more. But people do vary, and if you think you are the forgetful type then maybe booking a bit of extra training before your test won’t hurt. In the meantime, if you drive, try to practice what you were taught (particularly following distances, reading road markings and signs, roundabouts and not causing other vehicles to swerve or slow down). There is also a wealth of useful training information on this website.

Theory Tests are provided by Pearson Vue who contract for the DVSA. Again, we understand they are working hard towards reopening the Theory Test Centres. At present they have cancelled everything up to the 3rd July. We know a number of people have been affected by this. Not having a Theory Test does not stop you from training but it must be done before you can take a practical test.

To the best of our knowledge there is no concession on extending the life of CBT’s, Theory Tests or Module 1 Test pass certificates. If these have run out during the lockdown DVSA’s advice is that you will need to take them again.

When we know more, we will be in touch.