Course Guide for Lightning Motorcycle Training

To find out what type of course you need and how much it will cost please use the following Step-by-Step GuideThis will allow you to check dates and book complete courses online.

Generally, our courses (2, 3, 4, & 5 days) are made up of a combination of some of the following components:

Full Licence (A1 Light Motorcycle Licence, A2 Restricted Licence and A Direct Access Scheme) individual components:

Introductory Lesson 50/125/500/600cc (45 minutes) £30.00 (redeemable against the cost of any course)
CBT (novice) 125cc (8 hours) £175.00 with motorcycle/scooter/moped hire (£155.00 with own bike)

CBT - Experienced (Renewal) (renewing CBT) (min 5 hours) £140.00 (with or without bike hire)
CBT/Mod Skills day 1 400/600cc (8 hours) £175.00 (with bike hire)
Theory Test (1 hour) £35.00
Roadrider 125cc (8 hours) £175.00 (with bike hire)
Mod Skills day 1 400/600cc (8 hours) £175.00 (with bike hire)
Mod Skills day 2 400/600cc (8 hours) £175.00 (with bike hire)
Module 1 Motorcycle Test (15 minutes) £15.50
Mod Skills day 3 400/600cc (6 hours) £175.00 (with bike hire)

Warm Up 400/600cc (1 hour) £44.50 (with bike hire)
Module 2 Motorcycle Test (45 Minutes) £75.00
Enhanced Rider Scheme (8 hours) £175.00 (with or without bike hire)
Back to Biking (8 hours) £175.00 (with or without bike hire)
Personal Tuition (1 hour) £89.00 (with or without bike hire)

Geared Conversion (2 hours) £89.00 (with bike hire)

Full Licence Courses with Theory Test 

1 Day Course            £345.00                
2 Day Course            £520.00                
3 Day Course            £695.00                
4 Day Course            £870.00                
5 Day Course            £1,045.00

Full Licence Courses

I Day Course             £310.00                
2 Day Course            £485.00                
3 Day Course            £660.00                
4 Day Course            £835.00                
5 Day Course            £1,010.00


Overnight Hire                                                          £40.00                
Day Time Hire                                                           £80.00                
CBT comeback                                                         £122.50                
Mod Skills day 1 or 2 retake (day)                          £131.25

Module 1 or 2 test minimum 2 hours training       £89.00

All the prices quoted include motorcycle/scooter/moped hire, fuel, insurance, safety helmet, gloves, motorcycle jacket and waterproofs (unless otherwise stated). The cost also includes, where applicable, the CBT, Theory Test and Motorcycle Test (Module 1 and 2). All the courses are guaranteed, which means that in the case of a Full/Restricted licence course if you don’t pass all the further training is done at a subsidised rate (25% off). In the case of the CBT if you don’t complete the course in one day all further training is charged at £122.50 per day including motorcycle/scooter/moped hire.

Important notes:

Definition of experience.

NONE - total novice who has never been on a motorcycle, or only for a few minutes, or just an Introductory Lesson.
MINIMAL - someone who has ridden on holiday, or only automatics, or has only done the CBT and nothing else; we would expect this person to be able to pull away, stop, start and change gear as a minimum.
SOME – (done CBT) this is someone who has either done their CBT on a geared motorcycle and ridden regularly for six months or more, or has ridden off-road on scramblers for a long time.
LOTS - (done CBT), this is someone who has ridden larger motorcycles before, either moto-cross or on a foreign licence. In other words, quite comfortable getting onto a larger motorcycle.

Still confused? Send us your Contact Details and we will get in touch.

Theory Test - if you already hold a Theory Test for motorcycles please deduct £35.00 from the cost of the course. The Theory Test is only an hour, and is not part of the days of training. We would prefer it if your theory test is booked for at least 10 working days before the Module 1 Motorcycle Test. This is so that in the event that you don’t pass the Theory Test there is enough time to cancel or rearrange the Module 1 & 2 Motorcycle Tests without a loss of fee.

Module 1 - this will normally be done on the Mod Skills day 2 in the mid-morning. The training for the Module 1 Motorcycle Test will be done on Mod Skills day 2. It must be done after you have done the CBT & Theory Test and before you take the Module 2.

Module 2 - this will be done on the afternoon of Mod Skills day 3. As the test times tend to be about 2:00pm the start time for this day of training is one hour earlier than normal. Ideally it wants to be 3 working days after the Module 1 Motorcycle Test