There are three related aspects involved with the use of your indicators (or, more rarely, any hand signals that you give).These need to be done 1) when necessary, 2) correctly and 3) at the right time. This is a very common area leading to test failure because this is where forgetting to cancel the indicator will be recorded. The likelihood of you getting a serious or rider fault will depend largely on whether or not you actually affected another road user at the time. A frequent cause of confusion with signals is whilst negotiating roundabouts, as you may often need to make use of both the left and right indicators in order to select the correct lane depending on which exit you are going to take. It is very important to understand the impact that your indicators can have on other road users. If you drive a car you can practice cancelling the indicator when you are driving rather than letting the car do it automatically. One of the tenets of succesfully taking a motorcycle test is that other people (road users, pedestrians etc.) need to understand correctly what you're trying to do - any use of signals that either by their omission, incorrect timing or direction causes confusion is going to result in a serious fault.