Information about getting a full licence

Light (A1) Motorcycle Licence courses are suitable for people with all levels of experience. To qualify you must have and be the following:

  • 17 years old
  • Have a provisional or full UK car licence
  • Have a valid Motorcycle Theory Test pass certificate & CBT certificate - we can provide these
  • Take your tests on a motorcycle that is between 120 - 125cc, with up to 11kw and capable of at least 55mph - we can provide this

Light (A1) Motorcycle Licence means that you will only be able to ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc when you have passed your tests. You will be able to take a passenger and you will be able to ride on a motorway. If you took your test on an automatic you will be restricted to automatics when you pass.

We offer four Light (A1) Motorcycle Licence courses, with the principal criteria being that the more previous experience you have the shorter the course. All the courses include motorcycle hire if you need it, clothing and equipment, tuition and Module 1 & 2 motorcycle tests. They also all come with or without Motorcycle Theory Test and CBT depending on whether you have done these already:

Definition of experience

NONE - total novice who has never been on a motorcycle or scooter, or only for a few minutes, or just an Introductory Lesson. 5 Day Course.

MINIMAL - someone who has ridden on holiday, or only automatics, or has only done the CBT and nothing else; we would expect this person to be able to pull away, stop, start and change gear as a minimum. 4 Day Course.

SOME – someone who has either done their CBT on a geared motorcycle or scooter and ridden regularly for six months or more, or has ridden off-road on smaller scramblers for a long time. 3 Day Course.

LOTS - someone who has been riding everyday for years and done the CBT more than once. In other words, quite comfortable riding any 125cc motorcycle/scooter. 2 Day Course.

If you are not sure which course would suit you best, please use our Step-by-Step Guide.

If you are still unsure which course will suit you best take advantage of our Introductory Lesson where we can assess your skills and advise you of the most suitable course for your needs.

Guaranteed Pass Scheme

All our courses offer a Guaranteed Pass Scheme, which means that if you do not pass your Motorcycle Test - Module 1 or 2, we make a priority of getting you another test as early as the law allows. Further training is done at our normal daily rate with a 25% discount. While we will do our best to get you another test as quickly as possible please bear in mind that you must wait ten working days by law before you can retake the Motorcycle Test - Module 2 and three working days for the Motorcycle Test - Module 1. 9 out 10 people who have taken a test through Lightning Motorcycle Training now hold a full licence.