How to find us in Wembley (Middlesex), Oxford (Oxfordshire), Reading (Berkshire), Abingdon (Culham) and Stourbridge (Birmingham)


If you are lost download what3words onto your phone and use the following codes:

Abingdon            aims.smug.woodstove

Stourbridge        hogs.valid.fully

Oxford                outer.flute.cone

Reading              random.tigers.bleat

Wembley            drop.echo.healers

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Wembley motorcycle training siteThere is free car parking available at the centre and it is also very close (5 minutes' walk) to Wembley Park tube station - Metropolitan and Jubilee, Travelcard Zone 4. Buses run regularly along both Forty Avenue and The Avenue. When you arrive please go through the gates (if they are closed please press the buzzer) into the large car park to the rear of the building, then enter the building through the main reception doors and wait in the room to your right with the tables and chairs. The toilet facilities are in this building and next to the training site. If you arrive late, please go directly to the motorcycle container located to the right of the car park at the far end. 

When you get there the gates will be closed; please wait by the gates until your instructor opens them.

Sattavis Patidar Centre
Forty Avenue j/w The Avenue
Wembley Park





Reading motorcycle training centre mapAll the training takes place at the Rivermead Leisure Centre, which is well signposted from all directions. There is plenty of parking, and it is a short walk (about 10-minutes) from Reading Central bus and train stations. When you arrive please turn left towards the gated compound (there is limited parking). There are toilet facilities in this area and on the training site. If you are late the instructor may already be on the training site - please call.

Rivermead Leisure Centre
Richfield Avenue
Reading, Berkshire








Access to our main training site in Oxford is only via Blackbird Leys Road (it is small road bordered by hedges on both sides and easily missed). For Monday to Friday there is free parking available at the Sandy Lane Sports Ground.Oxford training site On Saturday and Sunday please park your car at Knight's Car Park (Cowley Centre), this is about 12 minutes walk or you can catch the City 5 bus service. When you arrive at Sandy Lane Sports Ground please walk along the path towards the pavilion and then through the gate into the training area. If you have come on your own motorcycle/scooter please do not ride up the path. There are toilet facilities open every day of the week.

Sandy Lane Sports Ground
Blackbird Leys Road
Oxford, Oxfordshire


Stourbridge (Birmingham)

Old Halesonian Rugby Club has generous secure and free parking and is most easily reached by motorcycle or car. There is a bus stop at the bottom of Hagley Causeway which is about three or four minutes walk to the centre. This can be reached from Hagley train station (about 10 minutes away). You will need to check route times carefully. We have toilet facilities but shops are not easily walked to so we advise bringing snacks or a pack lunch.

Old Halesonian Rugby Club

Old Halesonians Rugby Club
Wassell Grove Lane
Stourbridge DY9 9JP






Abingdon (Culham)

Our occasional weekend training site is easily reached by car from the A34 or A4074, and we have plenty of parking available. Alternatively, we are a few minutes' walk from Culham train station. Culham site for Lightning Motorcycle TrainingUnfortunately, there are no regular bus routes serving Culham Science Centre so using the train is the best bet. Once you arrive at Culham Science Centre you will see a turning immediately on your right. If the gates are closed, please wait there for us to open them. Toilet facilities are on site, and there is a nearby garage serving coffee and snacks.

Culham Science Centre
Thame Lane
Abingdon, Oxfordshire
OX14 3EB



Head Office

Our Head Office is open to anyone who wants to make enquiries or just pop in and say Hi! We have coffee & tea, somewhere to sit and toilets. However, parking for cars is very limited (motorcycles/mopeds are fine) and it might be easier to park outside the cul de sac. 

Suite A7, Kebbell House,
Delta Gain
Carpenders Park
Watford WD19 5BE