New DVSA Compliance Checks

We're pleased to announce that Lightning Motorcycle Training has passed its DVSA Compliance Check. This means that our training school has been inspected by a DVSA CBT Manager to ensure that our standards conform and comply with the Secretary of State's legal guidelines for running an ATB (Approved Training Body).

The following areas were inspected:

  •  The correct and legal issuing of CBT certificates
  •  The CBT courses ran legally with a minimum of a 2 hour road ride
  •  The training schools motorcycles
  •  Standards checks for instructors (which must be done four times a year)
  •  The condition of the training areas
  •  Evidence of Student Record Cards
  •  That we provide adequate protective equipment and clothing for students
  •  That incidents are correctly reported

Non-compliance has caused significant issues for the motorcycle training industry - you can read more here: https://despatch.blog.gov.uk/2020/01/29/cracking-down-on-non-compliant-motorcycle-trainers/