Despite being a government agency unbelievably the DVSA has got its dates wrong

We were told on Friday 6th November 2020:

"Further to the announcement from the Government, all motorcycle module 1 and 2 tests will be suspended in England from Thursday 5 November and restart on Wednesday 2 December."

We checked this information with the head of CBT Management via telephone to ensure it was correct, and it was confirmed that the lockdown ended at midnight on the 1st December. We acted on this information.

Then we were told on Friday 13th November 2020:

"Following clarification from the Government these restrictions will last up to and including Wednesday 2 December 2020.

This means all driver, rider and theory tests will restart on Thursday 3 December."

This has affected 46 customers that are booked on that one day. It has created a huge burden on our office to contact and rebook these customers. 

We can only apologise for the frustration, distress and inconvenience that this announcement will have imposed on some of you. We have opened more courses by getting staff to work on their normal days off to try and get you rebooked as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, particularly for tests we are limited by what the DVSA have made available. We really do understand how angry and disappointed some of you will feel, but this is completely beyond our control and for what little it is worth we think it is inexcusable.