Coronavirus Update 24/3/20

Following the Government’s announcement for much stricter social distancing measures, here in the UK, and in line with current health advice we have decided to close all of our Motorcycle Training Sites for normal training until further notice. This is likely to be until at least the 20th April 2020 although further information will follow as soon as it is available.

We have put measures in place, with DVSA support, to make sure we can still provide vital training, in particular CBT and Full Licence courses, for those who are Critical Workers within our community. Critical workers include workers such as NHS staff, police, farmers and food retail workers, who need to be able to go out to work. If you are a critical worker and need to obtain or renew your CBT in order to continue working or travelling to work, then a CBT course and/or a full licence course can be requested and made available for you.

These courses have been adapted to be run safely by observing strict social distancing measures such as:

  • 1:1 tuition (for safer training and to avoid gathering in groups of more than two, as per current guidelines)
  • One course at a time to run from each location, with only one instructor present throughout
  • All training to be carried out in open spaces
  • Instructors and students to stay 2 meters apart from one another during the entire course
  • Use of additional demonstrations and use of radio equipment throughout in order that all exercises can be completed with no close contact
  • Protective surgical gloves and wipes available
  • Students are encouraged to use their own equipment, such as headphones, helmets and gloves, where possible.

We are keen to support critical workers during this period, however, please be aware that offering courses on this basis with an individual instructor and dedicated isolated training area does attract a higher than normal training cost.

In the event you feel you qualify for such a course, please contact us directly on 01865 777676 or email us at enquiries@lightningpass.com, leaving us a brief message with contact details and we will call you back as soon as possible, usually the same day.

Note: Please do not use our online booking system until further notice, it is not currently in use and our training centres are only open by arrangement as described above, until restrictions are lifted to allow normal trading to begin.

Many thanks to all our students and customers during this difficult time, we appreciate your patience and support and look forward to seeing you all back training with us in the near future.