Updated news on delivering CBT's

Following government guidelines and verbal advice we are running novice and experienced CBT's. These are for Critical Workers and those with social mobility issues (i.e. getting to work).

The DVSA have not currently extended the 2 year lifespan of a CBT, so these do need to be renewed.

The CBT's we are running are done on a 1:1 basis so as not to contravene guidance concerning gatherings, and also to ensure social distancing is maintained.

The other steps we have taken is that both instructor and student must wear surgical gloves throughout (which we have provided), all lessons will be delivered outside and via radio link to keep the required separation, and that each student will have an earpiece that has been rested long enough to be clear of virus. We would prefer where possible students brought their own equipment (helmet, gloves, etc.) and ear piece (a normal 3.5mm mobile phone headphone works fine).

Unfortunately, we have had to increase the cost of the CBT to reflect that it is being delivered on a 1:1 basis. Contract instructors cost £120/day, CBT certificates cost £8, fuel is about £10 and the cost of the one PAYE admin staff is about £130/day. What we are charging will not cover the cost of the rent, insurance, website, capital costs, deprecation etc.

We hope you understand that we are doing this to help people and not to profit or gain by it. If you don't need a CBT to get to work then we do not want to train you at this time. We would rather you stayed at home.

Stay safe.