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Learning the Highway Code

Uh?… Is that a sign?

A good working knowledge of the Highway Code is an essential if you hope to pass your Module 2 Test.

It is surprising how often students forget the basics during the stress of the test. This is often down to having driven for many years perfectly safely and making assumptions about the Highway Code, but alas, during the test doubting their assumption and over thinking the situation.

So clearly it’s far better to simply know it and refresh your memory.

The Highway Code is fairly light on motorcycles, but it does have lots to say about pedestrians, cyclists, buses, etc. – which is just as well as these are the people you will meet during your test.

To understand the Highway Code it is easy to get sucked into looking at the pretty pictures. The sad fact it is the words that you need to read; it’s here that you will learn or remember that you need to give way to buses with their right indicators on, or what the speed limit is on a given type of road, or that cyclists can ride two abreast without being shouted at (unless it is a narrow or busy road, or round bends – so pretty much everywhere).

The signs can be worked out quite easily:

  • Red triangles – warning you of whatever is in the picture
  • Red circles – you can’t do or exceed whatever is in the picture
  • Blue circles – you must do what is in the picture
  • Squares or rectangles – information

Red warning triangle Red Highway Code circle Blue Highway Code Circle Square Highway Code sign

It is worth reminding yourself of what the various lines mean, particularly solid white lines and when you can or can’t cross them.

Are you ready for your test? If so then; you see this sign – how fast should you go?

Advisory Speed Limit

Answers to Highway Code quiz