Back to Biking course

A Back to Biking Session will significantly improve your safety

If you have been away from riding a motorcycle for a long time or just need a brush up this is the session for you. It is a bespoke session where the instructor has no preconceptions about what you do or don’t remember. It can be tailored to whatever sort of riding you think you will be doing, and if you’re really rusty it can start from absolute basics in the training area on a 125cc.

We have a variety of different types of bike available from automatic scooters through 125cc motorcycles, 500’s, 600’s and 650’s. Some of the bigger bikes have been specially lowered if the height or weight is a concern.

Generally Back to Biking is a 3.5 hours and is run at a ratio of two students to one instructor. The cost for the session is  £135.00 with your own bike (or an additional £14.00 if you need a bike). We run the sessions from Stourbridge, Wembley, Reading and Oxford.

To find out more please email , call 01212968881, 02089009990, 01865777676 or 01189511782 or use the online booking system below.