You should have practised this dozens of times during your training, but like all slow control manoeuvres you need to have good control of the clutch. Make sure there is adequate revs so the motorcycle doesn't stall, then use the clutch lever to adjust your speed. If you find that you have a little too much speed then dip the clutch and apply the rear brake. If you feel that you are losing your balance then speed up by letting the clutch out. The movement of the clutch is essential for control but it needs to be very subtle. Remember look where you want to go, and try not to make the turns in and out of the cones too exaggerated. The figure of eight can be done as wide as you like within reason, so make it easy by making a wide turn (this is done around two blue cones, you can go back round the final yellow cone but this runs the risk of hitting it). Try to pass as close as possible to the furthest blue cone each time you pass between them. Don't use the front brake ever in this situation or during any slow control exercise.