The first exercise of the Motorcycle Test - Module 1 involves you riding your motorcycle into a coned "bay" formed by four green cones and then parking it on the stand.  There are two bays and you can choose which one you ride into.  You will then be asked to wheel the machine backwards so that you end up in the other of the two bays. As with all things preparation pays dividends, so parking at an awkward angle will make it difficult to push the motorcycle out backwards. People fail for parking the motorcycle when they rush it, so take your time, make it easy by using the side stand if one is fitted and make sure you hold the front brake. When you push the motorcycle there is no right or wrong way as such, however, it is very, very important to look where you are going to help you turn the handlebars and not lose balance. Again take your time - you are not up against a clock. A common fault here is forgetting to do the lifesaver/observation checks, which you need to do each time before moving.