Module 1

The DVSA's Module 1 Motorcycle Test

The Module 1 was introduced on the 27th April 2009. Candidates will have to have passed both their Motorcycle Theory Test and CBT before they can take this test. The test takes about 15 minutes and will be conducted on one of the DVSA's specially laid out Motorcycle Manoeuvring Areas (MMA's), and involves several set exercises at slow and higher speeds. The cost for the Module 1 is set at £15.50. If you fail the test you will have to wait for 3 working days before you can retake it. You have to pass the Module 1 before you can take the Module 2.


1/. Where will the test be conducted?
The test will take place either at a DVSA MPTC (Multi Purpose Test Centre), a VOSA site or what the DVSA calls a Casual Site. Casual Site's are where only motorcycle tests take place, not car tests, and typically will be a rented car park; some will do Module 1 and Module 2 and some will just do Module 1.

2/. How hard are the manoeuvres?
Ah the million dollar question. Well not as hard as you would think. We found the slow manoeuvres very straight forward, particularly the U-turn which is quite generous (particularly if you ever saw the stupidity that was the U-turn at Leighton Buzzard). 125cc machine can comfortably get up to speed for the high speed manoeuvres (emergency stop and swerve), but they must be ragged in 2nd gear which sounds horrible. For the smaller bikes the swerve was easy; for the bigger bikes more effort was required and it was to easy to go much too fast (we recorded 73kph which was 50% more than we needed!). However, overall we did not think it was particularly difficult and that it would be easy for us to prepare our students for the test.

3/. Having to take time off work for two tests is a bit of a pain in the neck; will the DVSA not do tests at the weekend?
Weekend tests are always a local issue as it depends almost entirely on whether or not the local examiner can be bothered or needs the over-time. However, if they do run them then they will charge more.

4/. What happens if I fail Module 1?
You will have to pay £15.50 to the DSVA for a retest and whatever we decide to charge for extra practise and motorcycle hire (this depends on how much retraining you need - but if it is as much as a day you will get a 30% reduction in cost). You will have to wait 3 working days before you can retake the test.

5/. How long does a Module 1 pass certificate last?
Your Module 1 pass certificate lasts until the date your Motorcycle Theory Test certificate expires. So it could be nearly two years or a matter of days.

6/. What happens if I lose or misplace my Module 1 pass certificate?
The DVSA do not issue duplicate Module 1 certificates, so you will have to retake the test.

**UPDATE** - As of 2nd November 2011 if you lose your Module 1 test pass certificate then as long as you let the "DVSA's contact centre (know) as soon as possible.. before the Module 2 test. This will let DVSA carry out the necessary checks and update the Module 2 examiner in good time before the test date". Hurrah for common sense, just one or two other things to sort out,,,

7/. That's a bit rubbish isn't it?
Yes..(well it was but now it is better :) )

8/. I took my Module 1 on a 125cc motorcycle before 19th January 2013, is it still valid?
Yes, but only for the A1 Light Motorcycle Licence. If you are 19 - 23 years old and want an A2 Restricted Licence or 24 years old or over and want a Direct Access Scheme licence you will need to retake the Module 1.

9/. I'm under 24 but took my Module 1 on a 500cc motorcycle under the old Direct Access Scheme, what does it qualify me for now?
As long as it is still valid then it can be used for an A2 Restricted Licence on a 400cc plus motorcycle. Anyone 21 - 23 years old that did not pass their Module 2 test before the 19th January 2013 automatically got their Module 1 certificate down-graded to a Restricted Licence as long as it was done on a 500cc motorcycle.

10/. I'm over 24 and took my Module 1 on a 500cc motorcycle before the 19th January 2013 what does that mean?
Fortunately it means that you have been blessed by the DSA and your Module 1 certificate has been upgraded to the new 600cc Direct Access Scheme.

11/. I've got brown hair but with blue eyes and I was born with in a town with a "W" in the name - is my Module 1 still valid?
Yes but only if you ride a yellow motorcycle made by a manufacturer with a "S" in its name and it can't exceed 73mph unless it is a Thursday in which case it can only do 54mph.

12/. You're a bit bored of all these rules?

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