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Winter 2019 


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The new Licence Laws can seem quite complicated, but to make things easy we have updated our Step-by-Step Guide. Follow this and it will tell you what course you need, how much it will cost and even allow you to book the dates you want.

There has never been a better time to buy a motorcycle, scooter or moped, particularly to beat the dreadful traffic - there are some AMAZING deals out there. It's cheaper, it's quicker and there's a lot more leather! Get a licence now and enjoy getting to work cheaply especially now so many modern motorcycles are fuel injected (80 - 136mpg). The Motorcycle Show has shown that most manufacturers have set their sights on excellent mid-range bikes with very affordable prices.

Click here to book a Free Introductory Lesson and find out for free how much your training will cost, or what it feels like to ride a motorcycle or scooter.

If you're an existing customer use this to check your current booking and payments:

The Web Site at a glance

To help you on your way here are some quick links round the Web Site:

Happily learning to ride has never been easier. There has been lot of fuss with the Module 1 manoeuvres, but we have the facilities to practise (at full speed) lots of FULL MODULE 1 MOTORCYCLE TESTS with timing equipment at all our sites - it's not that difficult.

So, if you want to beat the traffic (in style), or just get out there and be free for a while - learn to ride a motorcycle; the Step by Step Guide will show you what course you need and how much it will cost.

Want to know when the next CBT date we have is being run? Go to Course Availability (Wembley)Course Availability (Oxford) or Course Availability (Reading) or better still our On-Line Booking section (which is up to the minute).

Want to know the price of a Direct Access Scheme course? Go to Direct Access Courses.

Want to send us your details to help get a quote or dates for a course? Go to Enquiry Form and send us your questions and details.

Want to see what the whole site offers, because there is a great deal? Go to Site Map.

If you are looking for an ideal Birthday or Christmas present then we can offer Gift Vouchers. These can be done electronically (email), by post, on through our On-Line Booking or On-Line Shop.

All our courses and Gift Vouchers can be purchased through our On-Line Booking section.

Finally, see what people think about us on Facebook.

How to use the Website

This Website holds so much information about learning to ride a motorcycle or moped that it's sometimes hard to navigate - use our Search function to help find the information quicker - e.g. "4-day course"

The aim of this web site is to help you navigate through the somewhat complicated licencing laws, aim you in the direction of the correct course for your needs, quote you prices and give you an idea of our availability for the courses that we run (it is important to read the Course Guide to fully appreciate this). The web site gives you an opportunity to e-mail your details to us along with any enquiries. As both our centres are on-line during working hours we should be able to answer your enquiries very quickly. For ex-students, we hope you will enjoy seeing your picture if you have returned to the centre with your new bike, and keeping abreast of any events or runs that we are conducting. The site also contains full explanations about the new Module 1 and 2 motorcycle tests. Finally, there is a links page to useful websites such as motorcycle manufactures.

We hope that you will enjoy using this web site, while at the same time giving you all the information that you need for you to get out on the road! All our training takes place at either  Wembley in Middlesex, Reading in Berkshire or Oxford in Oxfordshire; please call for details if you need an overnight stay.

Safe riding!

BSA Lightning

  "Moving on the Queens highway looking like a streak of Lightning
    If you gotta go go gotta go motor bike riding" - Chris Spedding Motor Bikin' 1975



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